This Old House

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An old house in Malone has just the opposite problem, people think it's worth nothing. Firefighters are planning to destroy the 100-year-old house in February as part of a training course, but one man has made it his personal crusade to save what he says is a very important landmark.

"Well it's not deteriorated. Most of the wood, the floor, the walls and what’s left here is still long leaf pine and solid as a rock, really."

The old farmhouse is an insurance risk to its new owners, and a practice house to firefighters who will soon set it on fire and then try to put it out as part of their training.

But to Roy Jones, the house is a lot more than that. His uncle is one of the house's former owners.

"I really love the old place. I remember it from the time I was a very small child and it breaks my heart to see it burn," says Roy Jones. “I ate many meals in this kitchen when I lived down the road two or 300 yards down the road in a small house in the 50's, early 50's."

But Jones interest in the more than 100-year-old house is not just personal, it's historical. He hopes someone will step in and restore and preserve it.

"This house was probably one of the first houses built in the Malone area as a matter of fact this house came along a half a century, perhaps a half a century before Malone was
actually established."

If Roy Jones seems resolved, it's only because he's still getting over the loss of another important Malone landmark. The Mirrors Hotel used to be where this parking lot is

If Jones loses his fight, the house will be burned next month to make way for a new house in the back of the property.