New Watercolor Fire Station

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Walton County officials answered one of those needs Wednesday, breaking ground on a new fire station in the Watercolor development.

The new station will replace the Seagrove Fire Station built in the 1980's. That one could only accommodate five firefighters. When this new station opens in September, it will fulfill the community's needs both now and in the future.

"The difference is the new station will be over 80,000 square feet, it will house over eight firefighters and up to three major pieces of apparatus. It'll handle about 20 to 25 year growth span in this area,” says South Walton Fire Chief, Les Hallman.

The new fire station will match the Watercolor architecture. The old Seagrove station won't go to waste. The county will dismantle it, then reassemble it as the new volunteer fire department for Red Bay.