Hard Freeze Preparations

Emergency officials in Jackson County say they are ready for Wednesday night’s hard freeze and they didn't even have to take any extra precautions. On the other hand, Jackson County farmers did have to take special measures Wednesday afternoon to make sure they don't lose their crops to the cold.

A call to the National Weather Service reveals the hard truth about Wednesday night’s hard freeze. Emergency director Rodney Andreasen will send out notices to all the relevant agencies, but he says there's no need for extraordinary precautions, but extraordinary precautions are needed here.

Some of the produce will go to Johnnie Larry's outdoor market and some will be sprinkled with water.

"And with the freeze, the wind is the most important part. That's what mostly hurts the greens, it's the wind part of it, so we're going to put water to protect it some," says Johnnie Larry, a Malone farmer.

In Marianna, another farmer will use a similar method to protect his Satsuma citrus trees. Farm animals could also suffer with Wednesday’s hard freeze, but not if they have a little extra straw for warmth.

Law enforcement officials say they will check on the county's elderly throughout the night to make sure they are also safe from the cold.