Bridge Fines Update

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After a fatal accident last year, Granite Construction owes $17,000 in fines for several safety violations. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration found Granite liable for overloading the scaffolding that killed 44-year-old Alan Stockton.

Kerri Stockston spends her days now with her new family. It’s been six months since her father died when he and five others plunged into the waters below the new Hathaway Bridge. Osha found Granite Construction responsible for the accident, saying the company overloaded the scaffolding.

Stockton says she figured this would be the outcome.

"It didn't surprise me, I had a feeling it from the beginning. He said that they were in a hurry a lot of the time," says Kerri Stockton.

Stockton says it's been hard moving on but she knows this is what her dad would have wanted.

"Everything that my dad wanted for me growing up he was able to give me."

Kerri says she hopes the $17,000 in fines makes Granite Construction realize they hold peoples lives in their hands every day.

Osha previously fined the company $49,000 after a fountain man fell to his death in December 2002