Chaplain Walker

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With each step, Chaplain Jim Powell puts a dent in his daily walk that will total about 3,400 miles at the end of his journey, raising awareness about the international conference of police chaplains each step of the way.

"It has rained more on me this morning, since I left Freeport, than it's rained on me all the way from Seattle to Destin. Now, that's hard to believe."

The rain hasn't dampened his spirits either. Powell says the walk is worth the effort because of everything chaplains do on a day to day basis.

"They provide training for chaplains all across the county, all 50 states, Canada. I have people back in Kentucky who are supporting me so much a mile. A penny a mile and all the proceeds go to the ICPC."

The executive director of the ICPC, Charles Lorrain, says, "We're a non-profit organization that's in 16 countries around the world, in support of police chaplains, help develop them, strengthening them in he departments, starting programs and training them."

I'm the kind of guy when I set a goal, my wife would say, bull-headed, but I want to see it through. I've got about 600 miles to Miami, and I hope to do that in about 21 to 25 days."

But when he's finished his trek, he's done walking, at least for a while.

"I'm not walking another inch."