Crime Scene Photos of Marianna Quad Murders Shown in Court

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For the first time since the Marianna Quad Murders, someone other than the investigators saw what it was like inside of 19-year-old Danielle Baker's apartment the night she and her three young sons were killed.
The courtroom was silent as the state introduced the crime scene photos into evidence today.
However, the defendant, Wesley Williams, appeared to be sleeping.

Wednesday's trial session was the most difficult to watch as the state presented almost 90 crime scene photos.
Many of them were of 19-year-old Danielle Baker and her three young sons: Amad, Amarion and Aaron.
Baker's mother couldn't hold back her emotions and left the courtroom once she saw Danielle's picture on the screen.
However, it was difficult to tell if Wesley Williams was distraught or asleep.
He continued to show no emotion even as pictures of how the three boys died were shown.
"left arm was behind his back and his right arm was loose."
A crime lab analyst from the Florida Department of Law Enforcement says there was a strong smell of bleach in the bathroom and it was found on their bodies.
Williams was the father of two of the boys.
He is accused of killing all four victims in their Cottondale Village apartment on March 17, 2005.
Baker was shot in the head with what appears to be a 38-caliber bullet and her sons suffocated with duct tape.
FDLE says there was almost 40 feet of duct tape found on the boys.
"14 inches and 2 layers, then there was 9 inches and 2 layers, around Amad there was 10 inches and 6 layers, 24 inches and 4 layers, 15 inches and 8-and-a-half layers, for Amarion, there's 17 inches and 4 layers and 18 inches and 4 layers and it totaled to be about 39 feet."
They also found hair samples and pieces of latex glove fragments on the duct tape.
Prosecutor Larry Basford called in several witnesses who were at the crime scene.
"Then I walked into the bathroom, saw what I thought were dolls, but I looked closer and it was three babies. I checked the arm of the little baby and it was cold and stiff," says former Marianna Fire Chief Jack Barwick.
LaRuth Snow and her daughter, Destiny, lived next door to Baker's apartment.
Both witnesses said they heard what sounded like a door slam two different times the morning of the murders.
They say one of those door slams may have been a gunshot.
Destiny Snow testified she also heard noises in the bathroom.
"These noises that you heard, did it sound like adults or children?
"And they were in the tub, splashing noises and bumping noises?"
"Danielle Baker, did you know the sound of her voice?"
"When I went back to bed, I heard a noise from her bedroom wall and I heard her say, "stop, "no," "please."
Williams could face the death penalty if he is found guilty.

Testimony continues tomorrow morning.

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