Winter Visitors

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The Arnold High School Band kicked off the Mardi Gras themed Fourth Annual Winter Resident Appreciation Day at the Boardwalk Beach Resort and Conference Center.

The annual event is hosted by Panama City Beach’s Chamber of Commerce. Businesses, restaurants and attractions were available to answer questions and offer information about its services.

Ann Troutt and her husband are snowbirds from Tennessee and they've been coming to Panama City Beach for the past four years and always look forward to this event.

"We're winter residents, we're here for six weeks. We just, I like things like this."

Monique Ventyghen and her husband have spent the last nine years visiting Panama City Beach and join hundreds of others from Ontario at the event Tuesday.

"We just love the booths and all the advertising, plus all the goodies."

Karen Blackerby organized Tuesday's Appreciation Day.

"We have been working day and night, a number of people for a couple of months. First of all, getting the sponsors in place and really doing the promotions and work to make sure everyone has the opportunity to come out and enjoy this great day."

Debbi Knigt, the president of the Panama City Beach Beaches Chamber, says this is the place to spend your winters.

"It's very affordable, the climate is wonderful, the people are friendly. There's so much to do from golfing to dining, shopping and just meeting new friends."

If you are a winter resident and want more information about Bay County, contact the Panama City Beach Chamber of Commerce at 235-1159.