Students Show Off Their Smarts

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When seventh grader Melissa Moon completed her science project on whether the moon affected behavior, she discovered an interesting Bay County crime statistic.

Wednesday, Bay County held its annual three rivers science and engineering fair at the Navy base. No erupting volcanoes or paper towel experiments here. These projects represent the best of Bay and Gulf County, and the students here will have the opportunity bigger stage.

Around 113 students in grades six through twelve got a day out of school to show off their smarts. The fair will name four grand champions with the winners going to state and international science fairs, though you don't have to win to get something out of it.

As for Melissa, she did find out that people commit the least crimes on Tuesday. You can't dispute science; even criminals need a day off!

Grand champions of the science and engineering fair receive prizes such as plaques, savings bonds and cash.