Caraway Street

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Gertrude is one of the little people who live on street. She talks about being nice to her friends and what priorities she has in her life.

"Well, we're going to play some games and we're going to sing songs and we're going to study some bible verses, and we just have a good time at Caraway Street."

Linda Lee is another character and real life leader in the Caraway Street group, bustling around backstage from puppet to costume.

"They listen, so that was really important to find out because sometimes you think children are too young to pay attention and they're not."

Eight little people, a worm, a bird, eight children (played by adults) and a host of funny characters live on Caraway Street, each having an important message to share with the children.

Director Jerrie Martin spends about ten hours preparing for the one-hour production twice a month. Susan Dantzler says she was one of the lucky few who were willing to make a fool of herself in front of the kids.

"It's hard for a teacher to keep the child's attention in a classroom because kids are used to such a fast-paced entertainment industry and this it fast-paced and that's how we get their attention and keep it."

Caraway Street visits Grace Presbyterian Church in Panama City about every two weeks for all children to attend.

For more information about the program, you can visit the church or call 769-4000.

Caraway Street was created by a youth pastor in Texas who wrote scripts and created the characters. This is the fourth year for Caraway Street at Grace Presbyterian Church.