Rep. Allen Bense Near-Crash

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Rep. Allen Bense hopped back on a plane Thursday after a terrifying flight Wednesday evening. Newschannel Seven's Amy Morris talked with Rep. Bense Friday about his brush with death.

"We were going straight down and I looked out the window and all I saw were stars because when you're upside down you don't know you're upside down."

Rep. Allen Bense was about six or seven seconds away from impact going more than 300 miles per hour toward the ground.

"It was so strange the g-forces were pushing us back in our seats and the cockpit was on fire and the sound of the air was deafening. I did not frankly think we were going to make it. I did not know what altitude we were so I didn't know when we were going to hit if we were going to hit," says Rep. Allen Bense.

This is a king air similar to the one Bense and his two aides were flying in. The trouble started when the pilot's controls shorted out and a fire broke out in the small plane's cockpit.

"I will never forget this I saw the pilot after we landed take off his headphones and put them on the dashboard area and just put his hands on his checks and that's when I knew something had really gone wrong because this guys has been flying for 40-45 years."

Bense says his wife knew as soon as he walked in the door something had gone wrong. He says getting on the plane the next morning was scary but he just tried to keep himself busy and not think about the previous nights events.

Bense says he's just fine. He calls the pilots that turned the plane back around heroes.