South Walton Boys and Girls CLub

Boys and Girls Club
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The group "Residents of Senic 30-A for Responsible Growth" have filed suit against Walton County to stop construction of a new Boys and Girls Club on Senic Hwy. 30-A.

Walton County commissioners approved the center in January after a marathon of meetings. In the suit, the group of local homeowners claim Walton County violates its own rules by permitting development that could negatively impact a community.

"Every member of this group I belong to would be out raising funds for a Boys and Girls Club if it was a compatible size or in the right location in Walton County. We’d love to have a Boys and Girls Club. We don't want to have 10 or 12 70-foot poles with 1500 watt lights shining into our homes,” says director of “Residents for Senic 30-A”, Bill Muldowny.

A time for the hearing has not been set.