Water Knowledge

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What do you know about the water you drink? Leadership Bay says, “H-2-know: Our water, our future, know the consequences, don't let our water go south.”

Steve Baxley, a member of Leadership Bay says, "Our goal is to do a grassroots campaign to let the people in the community know what's going on, this effort is out there by the Council of 100 to change the way water is managed throughout the state."

The issue is called water-sharing, and Florida is not the only state dealing with this right now. Water resources are slowly diminishing in central and south Florida and many are looking north for an answer.

Seven hundred fifty million gallons of water flow over Deerpoint Reservoir every day, and it is making its way into your home and business.

Baxley says the water needs to be conserved for use in the panhandle.

"We've learned that in Bay County, we consume about 56 million gallons of water a day."

Darren Haiman is also a member of Leadership Bay. Haiman says this issue is important to everybody "to protect and preserve our natural resource, which is our water, and not allow anyone to take it from us.

Leadership Bay isn't the only leader working to prevent water-sharing. Rep. Allen Bense is quoted saying it won't happen over his cold, dead legislative body. Even so, Leadership Bay says it's important for everyone to understand what is at stake in this issue.

Baxley says there shouldn't be any question about this issue.

"I know there's been a lot of debate over airports and a lot of people split on issues, but I think this is an issue we can all get behind, we want to keep the water that god has blessed us with in NW Florida, here in NW Florida, so it's here for us and here for our future."

You'll see this campaign grow in the coming weeks with discussions led by Leadership Bay members and billboards going up around the county.