Bay Wind Community Band

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It was an opportunity for musicians to say thank you to the armed services the best way they know how.

The Martin Theater hosted the event that invited the community to a free band concert dedicated to the troops and families of the Florida National Guard.

Quin Jungemann says it's important to say thank you.

"We just thought it would be appropriate as a way of our showing our appreciation to them for their dedication and the terrific job that they did in helping to free Iraq."

Jungemann has been playing the tuba since high school and has been part of the band for the past four years. He says music is an important part of any community.

"It's an outlet for guys like me who have enjoyed playing our instruments and don't really have an opportunity. The second thing it does is give people in the community an opportunity to listen to classical band music."

Roy Dodds is a winter visitor from Windsor, England, who plays the saxophone and the clarinet for the band. Dodds has been part of the group for the past 12 years.

"I started as a teenager and I stayed doing it ever since and I really enjoy it. I find it great to come over here, mix with people who I don't know and become part of the group. New recruits this year who are extremely young and you've got the other end of the scale, which I'm afraid is me."

For more information about joining the band or donating instruments, call Quin Jungemann at 265-0619.