In Love and War

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Twenty-year old Kimberly Knoppel of Panama City says distance could not stop her from falling in love. Theirs is a story anyone can admire about being young and in love.

Knoppel went on a blind date with 25-year-old Charles Cabana almost two years ago. One year ago, Cabana was shipped out with his guard unit to Iraq. Monday she welcomed home the man she plans to marry.

They wrote letters everyday. She has saved them all.

"Everyday I ran to the mailbox. ‘Did I get a letter today?’ It really made us grow closer because there's a lot you can say in letters that you can express."

She says getting through everyday was tough, especially hearing about other soldiers killed in Baghdad.

"When I got to talk to him on the computer, as soon as he got on it was such a relief knowing he made it through today and got through today."

She was ready to greet cabana as soon as he arrived in Fort Stewart last week, but what Knoppel didn't know was that Cabana was planning to propose to her when they were reunited, but first he had to get the ring.

Cabana's mother found out through a friend what ring to get and purchased it for her son, a smooth transfer was made from mom to son as they hugged for the first time in a year at Fort Stewart. Seconds later, Cabana turned toward his girlfriend with something important to say.

"He was like, ‘thank you for waiting for me’ and he said, ‘there's one more thing.’”

That's when he got down on his knee and he just said, “Kimberly, will you marry

I said, “Of course."

So today is a new start for this couple now planning a wedding.