Ballot Action

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The supervisor of elections, Mark Andersen, began the election with representatives from both parties selecting the ten ballot boxes.

The machines were then tested to ensure they work and the ballot register was clear. The representatives gave the all clear and the precinct was officially opened for voting.

James Cameron showed up as a representative for the Democratic Party, "As a member of the Democratic Party, I want to make sure that these are operating correctly so that there's a fair vote."

Bobby Roberts said participating in the election process is exciting, "I think you can have fun and disagree at the same time. And while we may have a difference of philosophy, the truth is we all want accurate elections."

The office will be open from 8 a.m. until 5 p.m. if you'd like to drop by the Lynn Haven office and cast your vote.

Any registered voter can cast a ballot between now and March 9.