Police Find Pipe Bomb in Shooting Suspect's Home

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There have been a couple of new developments in last week's shooting at a Panama City Beach duplex. First, sheriff's investigators say they found a pipe bomb in the shooting suspect’s apartment Monday night, and one of the victims in last week's shooting is being evicted.

Michelle Cunningham is the teenager who dated one of the four suspects in last week's shooting. According to investigators, she was the one who Barry Davis was supposed to shooting when he entered their apartment last Wednesday night.

Cunningham says she's not surprised about the latest revelation regarding a pipe bomb in Davis's home. She's just glad it wasn't used last week.

Cunningham says the entire year that she dated Dale Manring he was abusive to her, and that's why they broke up, but things got worse once they were apart. She even got a restraining order against him. Her family eventually moved because of the alleged stalking, but she didn't think he would go as far as authorities say he went last week.

"He's said little things here and there like, 'your going get it. I know people.' But I didn't think he'd ever do anything," Cunningham says.

Apparently Manring did know people. Sheriff's Investigators say Manring's and three friends went to Cunningham's Bayan Street Duplex Last Wednesday Night. Cunningham was visiting family in Michigan that night.

Manring's friend, Barry Davis, Jr., allegedly shot Cunningham's sister, Sara Cunningham, twice in the stomach and her mother, Jody Greer, in the back. The two women are now in stable condition, but as a result of the violence, Cunningham says her landlord now wants the family to move out.

"She came up to me yesterday saying I have 30 days to leave. We're trying to fight this."

Meanwhile sheriff's investigators continue to collect evidence against Manring, Davis and Company, uncovering a pipe bomb in Davis' townhouse.

"We received a tip that there may be some sort of pipe bomb, or explosive, at the residence of the person arrested for the shootings. We served a search warrant and we did find what appears to be a pipe bomb," Bay County Sheriff Frank McKeithan says.

Cunningham says the discovery makes her very nervous.

"Maybe if they found that, maybe he was planning on putting it over here. That could have done a lot more damage."

Cunningham says she is just happy that her sister and mother are recovering, but she is worried about their future if they're evicted from their home.

Barry Davis, Jr. is now being held at the Bay County Jail on two counts of attempted murder. Dale Manring and the two other teenagers involved in the shooting are being held at a Juvenile Detention Center.