Niceville School Earns Top Honors

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For the students in Ms. Ingram’s 3rd grade class they can be proud of the number one. Just Monday, Niceville's Edge Elementary became one of two Florida schools to be named a 2004 distinguished title one school.

Gwen Ingram a 3rd Grade Teacher, says, "An award like this reinforces what we already now, that we are a great school and I'm very proud of everyone that works at Edge."

When more than 40 percent of a school's enrollment falls below the national poverty line that school becomes eligible for additional funding, otherwise known as title one.

The funding is used for tutoring, extra school supplies and materials.

"Awards like this one can help erase the stigma that title one designated schools like Edge Elementary can unfortunately be saddled with."

Edge principal Donald Varner says he’s heard it all.

"If you're in a title one school those kids are not going to be successful, they can't learn and that’s not true. All children can learn if they are in title one or a regular standard school program.

"Sometimes it is hard to get up in the morning and I'm sure it is for the children too but I think everyone needs a pat on the back every now and then."

It seems they got one from the state of Florida.

Edge Elementary received the highest academic ranking of more than 1,400 title one schools in Florida.