Creating on Canvas

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They say the road to hell is paved with good intentions, but well-placed good intentions may also get you into heaven.

A local painter says his drive to paint comes from above. Some artists have a hard time pinpointing the source for their inspiration, but not Larry Polston. He says his inspiration is also the source of his talent.

“I feel that this is all inspired of God. I have never taken any art lessons, it's just the Lord and I give him the praise for it all," says Larry.

Polston is not formally trained, but you wouldn't know it from his work. One of his earliest murals overlooks his wife's old classroom.

"Five years ago, my wife is a kindergarten teacher, she asked me to paint a Winnie the Pooh character on her wall and I realized this is easy."

"He thanks God everyday because God gave him this talent. I guess it's been hidden all these years, he just never tried it, but I guess once he tried it, he seems to have some kind of anointing to do what he does," says his wife, Dianne Polston.

Polston hasn't left his day job at the Department of Transportation, but he says his part-time business renting his mural creations may allow him to do that at some point, and yet Larry Polston isn't just motivated by making a living out of his work.

It's the drive to make the best of his talents that pushes his hands to create on canvas.

You can learn more about Larry Polston's work on his website,