Bay Students Help Enterprise Students

Students in Enterprise, Alabama may have taken the hardest hit from Thursday's fatal tornado. At least eight students were killed and the school has been deemed a complete loss.

However, in the face of tragedy comes help...and who better to help students than other students.

Shock and sympathy were the first things felt by Bay High School students in Panama City as they watched the tornado's devastation unfold on classroom TV's. Bay and Enterprise have had a close relationship for decades as the two schools often are opponents in various sports every year.

James Weber, a Bay High SGA Officers says the next feeling they felt was the urge to help. "Everyone's been walking around saying when are we going to start collecting money and get ready and try and help them."

Bay high school's Student Government Association is already on the ball. It announced to the Bay student body Friday morning the intent to help Enterprise schools.

Jonathan William of the S-G-A says however, Enterprise needs all the help it can get. "We want it to be not just a Bay High School thing, but a Bay County thing- all the schools here. We really want them to help out."

" We are just reaching out to our neighbors," Weber says
Student activities such as Prom and Graduation will be the focus of S-G-A's aid at this point, plus whatever else is needed.

The School issued the following statement on Saturday:

Public Service Announcement

Date: March 2, 2007
For further information, please contact Pam Salinas or Kasey Slimp at
Bay High School, 872-4600.

Enterprise High School Relief Fund

Panama City, FL - Bay High School has had a long standing tradition
with Enterprise High School. For many years we have met on the football
field for healthy athletic competition. Our hearts are saddened from
this recent tragedy, and our students have initiated a community-wide
service project.

Throughout the next few weeks, the Bay High School’s Student
Government Association and the Tri-M Association will be collecting
money to help ease the needs of the students and faculty at Enterprise
High School.

The tornado destroyed the music building and five of the fatalities
were music students. First Presbyterian Church of Panama City will be
donating funds to assist the music department at Enterprise High School.

In addition to these funds, Bay High School is offering to host the
Junior-Senior Prom for Enterprise here in Panama City or at a location
of their choice.

Glass Slipper has partnered with Bay High to donate $5 to Enterprise
for every tux rented by any student for our local proms and has arranged
for The Flirt line of contemporary formal wear to donate prom dresses
for these students.

We encourage all schools in Bay County to help join in this relief

Tyndall Elementary School and New Horizons Learning Center have joined
Bay High in this effort.

For further information please contact Pam Salinas or Kasey Slimp at
Bay High School