Panama City Crossing the Bridge?

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NewsChannel Seven learned about plans to locate a high-rise condominium, replacing the Holiday Lodge on the west end of the bridge.

The condo could back up right into the Woodlawn neighborhood, but that's not what's concerning Panama City.

City Beach City Manager, Richard Jackson, says, "I understand the Panama City planning department has been approached about annexing the property known as the Holiday Lodge."

Annexing the property would make the area part of Panama City. Right now, the yellow areas on the map are unincorporated and are pretty much up for grabs. So far, both Panama City Beach and Panama City usually approve any request for annexation, but this is different because it jumps the bridge.

"The problem I can see with this particular property would be it's not contiguous, but I have seen annexation in Bay County over the years."

The city of Lynn Haven made a similar move across the bay on Highway 77 into
Southport. Marina Bay Condominiums occupy the property annexed by the city.

Panama City Mayor Gerry Clemons told NewsChannel Seven he's waiting to learn more about the details, but he supports the annexation proposal at this point. Clemons says a move across the bridge makes sense because Panama City is closer to the proposed area than incorporated Panama City Beach.

Richards isn't as excited about the proposal.

"Obviously, it would be some concern. Panama City Beach has never really been involved in any sort of land-grab deal or trying to go out and promote annexation," he says.

Panama City's planning board will discuss the holiday lodge property annexation request at its next meeting on Monday.