Young Stroke Patient

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A local family is praying for the best after their seven-year old-son suffered a stroke. The youngster is starting his rehabilitation in Jacksonville.

Seven-year old Tre Smith is struggling to talk and move after a debilitating stroke. Now, family and friends are hoping they can have Tre back like they remember him, always smiling.

Tre's father David Smith is home holding down the fort while mom stays in the hospital with young Tre. David says it's the hardest thing he has ever done, watching the doors close on his son as they transported the seven-year old to Shands Hospital in Gainesville.

Tre was born with a hole in his heart and missing heart valve. He's had four surgeries and his family thought the hard part was finally over, then early morning on January 31 smith woke to the sound of his son suffering once again.

"About 5 or 6 we heard Tre get out of bed, then Tre's father heard him cry a little and moan, then my wife called out to him and asked if he was okay and he didn't answer, so she got up and we found him laying in the doorway and we picked him up and he woke up a little and you could tell the side of his face was like a stroke patient," says David Smith.

Doctors say the left side of seven-year old Tre's brain will never again function properly. David says his son will be in physical therapy in Jacksonville for at least six weeks. They are looking into what can be done to keep the first grader up on his school work so he won't be held back this year.

Tre's family is holding a bake sale and raffle fundraiser for the youngster. The goodies will be on sale this Saturday starting at 9 a.m. at the Fashion Bug in the Wal-Mart shopping center on 23rd Street.