Zero Tolerance

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Kim Kirkpatrick believes her daughter Stacy is not guilty of illegally sharing and using prescription drugs at School. Thursday they went before the Okaloosa County School Board to convince them that Stacy, now suspended from Richbourg Middle School, does not deserve expulsion.

After an investigation, Okaloosa County school officials suspended Stacy and three other students for illegally sharing the prescription drug adderall. Each student eventually confessed to sharing the drug, a confession Mrs. Kirkpatrick tried to dispute.

Other parents acknowledged her child’s wrongdoing and hoped for a lesser punishment. In the end, all four students were expelled for the rest of this year and all of next year.

School Superintendent Don Gaetz explains why.

"It is important if drug possession or drug distribution rises to a felony level that we be intolerant of that because we have thirty thousand other students whose safety and health must be protected."

Mrs. Kirkpatrick still insists on her daughter's innocence, but they both must now deal with the unfortunate truth and its consequences.

Mrs. Kirkpatrick plans to put Stacy in private school. School officials say the students may have a chance return to school earlier if they undergo drug treatment and counseling.