Army Reservists Return Home

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They arrived early and could barely stand still waiting for the bus to arrive filled with 14 Army reservists from the 576th Transportation Detachment.

Brandi McWaters can't wait to see her husband again.

"I'm feeling very excited. I haven't seen my husband in a long time, and he's going to get to come home."

Pam Watford is anticipating the reunion between her husband and kids.

"We're just really excited. I was able to go to Ft. Stewart and see him early, but my kids hadn't seen him yet and they're just real excited."

"I just can't believe I'm back," says Army Reservist Minnie Turner, " I could almost kiss the ground. I just can't believe it. It's been a whole year, you know, gone no leave, nothing. It just don't seem real."

Buck Watford is a baseball coach at the high school in Port St. Joe, and he already has plans tonight. "Our guys are playing tonight, and they done pretty good, and I can't wait to get back in the swing of it," he says.

But what did they all miss the most while thousands of miles away from home?

"Probably the American people," says reservist Charles Holley. "There's nothing like America, nothing like home. That's what we missed the most."

Mike Plemmons is ready to go to the beach. "I spent a year in the sand, but I'm still going to the beach. Riding my Jet Skis, hanging out with my wife, my family, my kids. Enjoy all that."

Mike McWater, the Commander, says he took them to Iraq and brought them home safely and that it's good to be home. “Thanks for all the support; we've had a lot of support, and we appreciate that."