Operation Bear Care

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Merritt Brown Middle School students and teachers are preparing to send out the first round of packages from “Operation Bear Care.” They’ve been collecting shoeboxes filled with goodies to send to the troops.

The first 25 boxes will go to some of the 165 soldiers in the 1st Cavalry in Baghdad. All of the soldiers will receive a “Bear Care” package by the end of the school year.

Merritt Brown 6th Grade English teacher, Wanda Goodwin, has a son, Brandon Goodwin, in the 1st Cavalry. She says the packages contain, "Just lots of goodies, toiletries, some reading materials. But the best thing of all will be the letters the kids have written. I was amazed at the thought that went into these letters."

If you’d like to help the kids carry out “Operation Bear Care,” you can donate supplies, filled shoeboxes, or money for the overseas postage. Just call Merritt Brown Middle School at 872-4740.