Consumers to Have Voice in Insurance Issues

Florida Chief Financial Officer Alex Sink is introducing the state’s new go-to guy for Floridians to contact about insurance problems.

Bob Milligan, who retired as state comptroller in 2002, is the state’s new Insurance Consumer Advocate. He and Alex Sink unveiled a new website today to give Floridians a direct way to raise concerns about insurance problems. They also vowed to look at all kinds of insurance issues, including the health insurance crisis.

Sink says, “One in five Floridians does not have access to affordable health care and this is one of the areas that General Milligan and his staff and all of us will be working to look at what other states are doing and what we in Florida can do to provide more insurance for our citizens.”

The Insurance Consumer Advocate will also work directly to address citizen complaints on the Consumer Help Line, and challenge insurance rate increases when appropriate.

Milligan, who is from Panama City Beach, says the web is a great way to talk to him.

“On this board is the new website for the consumer advocate office with the idea of trying to get into the public eye a little stronger and give them a way to really communicate with me and with my staff and the CFO and try to get on some of these issues that are so important to the citizens of Florida.”

The office will also be pushing the legislature to give more power to the Insurance Consumer Advocate so that he can aggressively pursue problems with insurance companies.

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