Cave Diver Drowns

Jackson County sheriff's investigators are still sorting out the details of the SCUBA diving tragedy. One man died, but his diving buddy survived.

It happened around 4:30 Monday afternoon at Blue Spring Recreational Park, which is about six miles off of Highway 71, northeast of Marianna.

The springs are popular with divers who like to explore underwater caves.

Sheriff's officials say the two men were diving when one of them got into trouble. His buddy surfaced and called for help. Jackson County deputies and rescue divers tried to find the man before his air supply ran out.

They located him and pulled him to the surface, and tried to revive him. Johnny McDaniel, Jackson County Sheriff, said it was too late.

"We received a call from a diver at Blue Springs that he had a dive partner that apparently got trapped and was unable to get out we summoned help, but it was too late."

Sheriff's officials aren't releasing the victims name until they've notified his family.