FA-22 Close-Up

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It's been more than a decade in the making and now Tyndall Air Force Base has the first training unit for the FA-22 Raptors.

Friday Tyndall officials gave our cameras an up close look at the newest fighter jet to join their fleet.

Major Steve Luczynski is one of Tyndall's first FA-22 instructor pilots. He says the Raptor performs head and shoulders above any of the other fighter jets out there right now.

43rd Fighter Squadron Commander Lt. Jeff Harrigian says the technology on board this aircraft is two generations ahead of anything anyone has.

"Stealth allows us to essentially to have that first look first shoot capability. We’re able to go into situations where the adversary doesn't know we're there,” explains Lt Harrigian.

But more than technology bringing the Raptors to Tyndall means new equipment as well.

Equipment like G-suits. Currently pilots wear the G-suits to help stave off the effects of G-forces while piloting the plane these newly designed g-suits for the FA-22 Raptor will actually help pilots who have to eject stave off the G-forces then as well.

And the new planes mean new training facilities and programs like a play by play of your flight.

"This is inside cockpit all of my displays everything but where I’m looking so with all of that info we can piece together where you made your mistake and here's the way I want you to fix it the next time you go out,” says Luczynski.

In total it's about $62 million in construction for Tyndall. The 43rd Fighter Squadron will get their first student in May.

Tyndall currently has three FA-22's they should get a new one next week and each month thereafter until the 43rd Fighter Squadron has 23 planes.