Florida House Moves on Fast Food Litigation

The House voted 112 to 1 Friday to exempt fast food vendors from lawsuits by people who blame them for obesity.

During the debate, several of the hefty lawmakers donned paper Burger King crowns, but the bill's sponsor, Rep. David Simmons of Longwood, says lawsuits are no laughing matter.

“We do have the need for personal responsibility other class action lawsuits have been considered in this particular arena. This is the way other industries have been attacked."

The lone no vote came from Rep. Ken Gottlieb of Hollywood who says it's wrong to take away peoples rights.

"If the legislature doesn't like the way the law is written dealing with frivolous matters, they should address that not just say ok we are going to legislate and remove the option to go to court."

The bill faces an uncertain future in the Florida Senate.