Two Murder Cases, One Road

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The stabbing murder of a Jackson county man Thursday morning begs the question about weather the crime is related to a nearby unsolved double murder. The two murder scenes are less than 100 years away from each other and less than one year apart.

The day after the stabbing death of 43-year-old Ricky Meredith is to the day after Kenneth and Sabena Powell were found murdered and burned on the same road less than one year ago.

Neighbors are surprised and concerned, but they say they feel a little better because this time Jackson county sheriff officials have a suspect.

Jackson county officials said, “in this case, Mr. Cochran is charged in the death of Ricky Meredith. We have a person who was in the house at the time.” That person called 911 after seeing Meredith’s bloody body on the living room floor. Meredith’s friend, Thomas Cochran is now in jail charged with the murder.

Thomas Cochran is being held in jail without bond charged for the stabbing murder of this friend, Ricky Meredith.