Spring Break Business

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Thousands are here this week for the first big week of the spring break season. They're being bombarded by the power of advertising and marketing.

Razors and motorcycles and cozies, oh my! This spring break, promotion companies have hit the beaches once again to create experiences with their consumers.

Gabriel Digristina, a Gillette promoter, said, "You really have the opportunity to immerse them in the brand for an entire seven days."

The companies are hoping all this time in front of these somewhat large, captive audiences, and all of the free giveaways will mean new customers and "climbing" profits in the near future.

Chris Lemaster with Geico.com said, “Hopefully there's lasting memories and new policyholders at the end for Geico."

Companies don't necessarily see an immediate profit, but they say Panama City Beach is a great place to find the people who will one day need what they have.

Whether beachgoers buy the products or use the services in the future, the marketing ploys do make an impression.

Sheila Howard, a spring breaker, said, "It definitely makes you remember 'em like they gave us shirts, like the Army did, so of course I'm gonna wear my shirt around and stuff."

That's exactly the type of response these companies are looking for.

"For Geico, it's all about the branding."

But marketing can have its downside.

Sheila added, "I already buy Venus razors, and I definitely won't be enlisting in the Army."

The freebies aren't just for spring breakers. Marketing reps say they're grateful for a little one-to-one face time with anybody, so feel free to hit the beach and grab some goodies.