Rutherford High Wrestling Coach Faces a Criminal Investigation

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A Rutherford High School Wrestling coach is the subject of a criminal investigation, involving accusations of mistreating a wrestler on the High School's wrestling team. Cuinn Poole, the captain
of the Rutherford Wrestling
team, had to lose eleven
pounds in one evening to be
able to compete in his
weight class at a District

His mother thought it
was impossible, but his
Coach, Aaron
Griffin, allegedly got the
pounds off of Cuinn
Now, the way he helped
Cuinn shed those pounds is
being investigated.

"From three until 11:45 he didn't get food, he
didn't get water. He had
him wrapped in plastic in a
sauna suit to sweat the
pounds off. He even got a
stationery bike on the bus
to Tallahassee and made him
pedal all the way over
there," Cuinn's God Mother, Patsy Bowen, says.

At the time Cuinn Poole
was recovering from the
flu, which is why he was
eleven pounds over his
weight class in the first
Superintendent James
McCalister says he was
surprised by Coach Griffin's
actions and says actions
have been taken to ensure it won't happen again.
"We have investigated
and have found that what
they have said did occur.
We met with the employee
and did some disciplinary actions," Superintendent James McCalister says.
McCalister also says the
school will ensure Cuinn can continue his wrestling
career at Rutherford without
reprucussions from any
Cuinn's family is hoping
McCalister is right and that
Coach Griffin is held
"I don't necessarily want
to see him fired, but I want
it to be noted so it won't
happen to someone else," Bowen says.

There has been no other
complaints against Coach
Griffin by any other
But this does seem to be
a problem in the
wrestling community.
Two wrestlers here in the
Panhandle have actually died
from dehydration and
drastic weightloss in the
past six years.

Coach Aaron Griffin had no comment.