Spring Breakers Take to the Great Outdoors to Save Money

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Hundreds of thousands of college kids are beginning to descend upon the world's most beautiful beaches.

When you add up all the costs, the gas money to get here, money for food for an entire week, admission to nightclubs and bars, and remember, a week in one of the local hotels will likely cost you around $700 bucks, it's enough to break anyone’s bank account, and that's why some of this year's spring breakers are turning to the great outdoors.

About a third of all the campers at Campers Inn off of Thomas Drive are spring breakers. It's a cheap alternative to the area's high priced hotels. They can pitch a tent for $30 bucks a night or bunk up in this cabin for $35 a night.

Campers Inn is not only cheap; it's also a safe alternative to hotels that can be miles away from the nightlife. The campsite is just steps away from the nightclubs, and the campsite's owner says we can expect many more spring break campers in weeks to come as long as the weather stays nice.