Power Problems at the Beach

If you were one of the hundreds of Gulf Power customers who lost power at some point Sunday or Monday, the utility says it they were upgrading their systems.

Gulf Power has been working to upgrade its substations. This weekend, to prepare for the cold-snap, Gulf Power decided to rush along the last part of its project. This resulted in several minute outages on Sunday and about a 30-minute outage along the Beach on Monday.

This did have an affect on a number local businesses including several night clubs catering to Spring Breakers. Managers there say they had a line of spring breakers out the door that they had to hold off. Plus they had to close down restaurants an hour early.

Lynn Erickson of Gulf Power says it was all part of bad timing on the utility’s part. “We've completed all the upgrades to the substation and don't expect anymore outages like this. Normally if we had planned something like this to take the power out we would have notified out customers. This was last minute and just bad timing."

Monday was the worst day for power hits and outages. Service was much better on Tuesday.