County Adds Stricter Rules for Illegals

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Today they approved a contract that will keep developers and contractors from hiring illegal aliens, that is, if they want to do business with the county in the future.

State law already prohibits companies from hiring illegal aliens for any government projects.

Commissioners want to reiterate the state laws, but they've added a penalty.

Not only will violators lose their current government contracts, but they'll also be excluded from bidding on future contracts with the county for at least one year.

"It will be implemented and enforced and I think it will be a deterrent to contractors who will know ahead of time not to allow illegal aliens on their staff. We're letting them know ahead of time of the seriousness, and I think I'll make a difference."

Commissioners say the new proposal gives the county the right to ask contracted employees to prove they're in the U.S. legally, and the right to look into any questionable situation.