Panama City Annex Approved

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Last week NewsChannel Seven learned about the Taylor Investment Corporation out of Indiana and its plans to develop a high-rise condominium at the Holiday Lodge property on the west end of the Hathaway Bridge.

At Monday night's city planning board meeting, they approved annexing the property as part of the city, but urban resources such as water and sewer posed some questions now left for the city commissioners to decide.

The attorney for the developer says they did not include a plan for urban service such as water or sewer because it was not necessary for this process.

A representative for the city said it was important for the developer to understand the city is not capable of providing these services.

The mayor of Panama City Beach, Lee Sullivan, says providing these services are essential and they won't be provided by the beach.

"I don't think Panama City Beach is required to sell them services and I don't think Panama City Beach, at least, out of my office, is interested in selling those services. I think Panama City Beach would be interested if they want to come across the bridge and bring their municipal services with them."

The planning board's decision to approve annexation will be a recommendation to the city commission for its March 23 meeting.