Search Is On to Find Remains of Body Allegedly Dumped 15 Years Ago

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Bay County sheriff's deputies are searching for a body allegedly dumped in a pond in Callaway 15 years ago.

Bay County Sheriff's investigators are expected to resume the search early Tuesday morning. The spot behind a Callaway pool hall became of interest a week ago when someone told Sheriff's officials a body was dumped there back in 1988.

Since that time the pond has been filled and the woods overgrown, so the search has been fruitless so far and the potential for finding any remains is not all that good either.

"It's like looking for a needle in a haystack. As you can see behind us they're digging up a huge hole. It's very tedious and very time consuming," Bay County Sheriff Frank McKeithen.

They're looking for bone fragments or articles of clothing, anything that might point to a body being dumped here 15 years ago. For patrons of Park in Back Billiards off of Highway 22, the mystery began a week ago when investigators came out to check out the wooded area behind the pool hall.

"I think it's kind of icky. I hate that it's in front of my business. Some people left and some come in," Owner Ana Paul says.

Paul opened up the pool hall about four years ago and she says in that time they've never seen anything suspicious or had any trouble, but sheriff's officials say they have a lead they can't afford to ignore. That's why they have a cadaver dog sniffing for the scent of a dead body and sheriff's investigators sifting through every clump of dirt for clues.

"The tools we're using is all we have to use, and the information we are using is all we have. We're basically just going off what someone says, but because of the seriousness of the information we can't afford not to do something," Sheriff McKeithen says.

Sheriff McKeithan says there is a person missing from the same time period their tipster says the murder occurred, and at this point they do have a couple people of interest they would like to question, but they have no suspects at this time.