Search for Body Continues Unsuccessfully

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The search for a body allegedly dumped in a Callaway pond 15 years ago may be ending soon after another unsuccessful day for search crews.

They knew it wouldn't be easy when they began digging the ground where a pond once stood and where a witness says a body was dumped back in 1988, but now Bay County sheriff's investigators say the potential of finding something, skeletal remains or even articles of old clothing is dwindling.

They brought back Zeus, the cadaver dog, Tuesday afternoon. This time they laid down wooden palates on the floor of the 15-foot deep hole so Zeus could sniff around down there. Unfortunately, Zeus found nothing, so the search team packed up early hoping that by Wednesday any suspicious scent might be more settled and Zeus might have more luck.

But even then lead investigator, Sergeant Steve Harbuck, says it will be like trying to find a needle in a haystack.

"When you think of removing remains in this time period, in this environment, what we will have is skeletal remains. They won't be bleached, they will be the color of mud. So it's difficult at best. Unfortunately, there is going to have to be a decision made of when we draw the line, and I’m sure we'll walk away wondering if we were just six inches away," Sergeant Harbuck says.

For now the search will continue, but investigators say if Zeus doesn't find a positive scent by the end of Wednesday they may call off the search.