Beach Cop is Fired for Mistreating an Inmate

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A Panama City Beach police officer has been fired for abusing and inmate. The whole episode was caught on a surveillance camera inside of the holding cell at the beach jail. This is not the first problem the officer has had on the job.

Panama City Beach commanders fired officer Allen Whitt today after viewing the surveillance tape. The camera caught Whitt repeatedly pepper spraying the naked inmate.

It all started last night when the inmate was arrested for disorderly conduct.
Beach police investigators say the man clogged a toilet with a roll of toilet paper.

Whitt reportedly told the prisoner to come out of the cell. When the man refused, Whitt pepper sprayed him, a perfectly acceptable response.

"At the point he sprayed him in the cell, the prisoner compiled. In the booking cell it should have stopped," Major David Humphreys says. But it didn't stop.

Whitt handcuffed the prisoner to the booking cell and continued to spray him. This isn't the first time Whitt has stepped over the line while on duty.

In January Whitt shot a car four times during a DUI stop. Fortunately, no one was hurt.

"He was given a letter of reprimand for the violation. This case is vastly different," Humphreys says.

The incident in January wasn't the only warning sign of things to come. Major Humphreys says Whitt was periodically late to work, and he actually had submitted a letter of resignation, explaining that he felt like he was not cut out for the job.

Whitt’s last day on the job was to be Tuesday, but instead, Beach Brass let him go this morning.

"In light of this situation, we felt we had to take immediate action. We do not and will not condone the mistreatment of anyone."

The Florida Department of Law Enforcement is now investigating the incident.