Child Abuse

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Thirty-eight-year old Robert Leslie Taylor was arrested Wednesday by the Panama City Police Department. Detectives opened a case against Taylor when his ex-wife Cynthia complained about his behavior.

Police told her to record any conversations on the phone with her ex-husband. Taylor is now facing charges of child abuse because of a phone call to his nine-year old daughter.

The phone call lasted almost four minutes and several parts had to be covered due to explicit language.

"your mommy's a -----, ok. She's a crazy -----. ok."
(child responds) 'Ok'
"You understand that?"
(child responds) 'yes sir.' "She's a crazy ------- ----- and a ----, ok."
(child) 'Ok'
"Do you know that? Can you say that back to me?"
(child) 'Dad, no."

Taylor becomes more frustrated as the conversation continues, we can't let you hear it because the tape is too sexually explicit, but this is how his daughter responds.

Sergeant Kevin Miller with the Panama City Police Department says the intent of the phone call was simply to abuse the child.

"Well, you know, we see this a lot in domestic violence cases where children are used against one parent or another."

According to Lindsey Caroon, a counselor at the Salvation Army Domestic Violence Center, children can often get stuck in the middle of a parent's fight.

"Many times children are used as leverage because domestic violence is about a whole lot more than physical violence."

Caroon says getting out of an abusive relationship is always difficult, but when children are involved, it's best to get them out of the situation as soon as possible. A lot of times we tell parents that if their gut instinct tells them that this is hurting the child, it probably is.

To report abuse or seek help, you can call the Abuse Hotline 24-hours a day at 1-800-962-ABUSE.