Kids Take on the Homeless Problem by Being Homeless

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The homeless situation is a hot topic in many circles in Panama City, but now the problem is catching the attention of some local kids who want to make a difference.

Thirty-five kids spent their Friday evening determined to understand the plight of the homeless by being homeless. They had no food and no heat, only some duct tape, a few boxes and a close friend.

While many kids their same age are at home watching TV or out at a party with friends, these 35 kids are spending their Friday night being homeless.

"We obviously won't ever know what it's like, but I hope they'll know that there are people that care for them and are thinking about what they're going through," Jacob Titus of St. Andrews Episcopal Church.

Jacob is part of one of three local church groups that have come together for one night for the past five years to live like the hundreds of homeless people that roam our streets everyday.

"It gets them out of the comfort of their own home and the heat. One night is not going to change their whole life, but hopefully with make them more sensitive to it," says Carl Fountain, a Youth Pastor at St. Andrews Episcopal Church.

And it seems these kids are more sensitive to the plight of the homeless, each with their own opinion about how to help out the homeless people in our area.

"There's always going to be homeless people. I don't think moving them will help, helping them not be homeless anymore," Jacob Titus says.

The kids will finish up their 24 hour homeless project by serving food to those less fortunate at the Rescue Mission Saturday afternoon.