Two Teens Face Adult Charges in Connection with Beach Shooting

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Two Panama City teens are now facing more charges in connection with a shooting in Panama City Beach last month.

You may remember a distraught boyfriend allegedly hired a classmate to shoot his ex-girlfriend. The accused triggerman, Bay High School student Barry Davis, has already been charged with attempted murder in connection with the shooting that injured a mother and daughter.

The incident was allegedly an act of his friend's revenge, and now that friend, 17-year-old Dale Manring and another Bay High student, 17-year-old Austin Todd, are in jail charged with principal to attempted first-degree murder. Their bond is set at $50,000 each.

Bay County Sheriff's Investigators say Dale Manring hired Davis to shoot his ex-girlfriend, Sara Cunningham, who wasn't at the Banyan Street home when the shooting occurred. Instead, Davis shot Cunningham's mother and her sister. Both women are recovering from their injuries.

Both Manring and Todd were charged with principal to first-degree aggravated battery the day after the shooting and sent to a juvenile detention center. With the new charges, both men are now being held at the Bay County Jail.

Seventeen-year-old Pedro Chinchilla was also at the Banyan Street home at the time of the shooting and was later charged with principal to first-degree aggravated battery. Those charges have not changed, and he didn't receive the principal to attempted murder like Manring and Todd.