Bay County Boy Scouts Step in Shoes of Less Able

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Boy Scouts from across Bay County are getting a chance to step into the shoes of those less able.

About 200 scouts from the Lake Sands district are spending their weekend learning what it's like to be disabled. It's a part of the 2004 Boy Scout Spring Camporee. Scout leaders say games like Blind Maze and a wheelchair race help the boys better understand what it's like to have a disability.

They also got a hands-on sign language lesson and practiced walking on crutches.

"Allowing the scouts to step into someone else's shoes is important. They're learning leadership skills and community skills. Gives them a little bit of empathy and help them in the future," says Scout Leader Jimmy Wiselogel.

The Boy Scouts will camp out Saturday night at Pier Park and will continue with Camporee celebrations Sunday afternoon.