Army's Elite Golden Knights Mesmerize Spring Breakers With Jump

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Most of us take a car or bus to work every day, but imagine stepping into the blue sky as a trip to the office. It's just another workday for the U.S. Army's parachute team.

They are in Panama City Beach this week strutting their stuff in the air.

It was a long ride up, 12,500 feet up to be exact. It was at that altitude that seven Army Golden Knights jumped out of a perfectly good airplane and down to the world's most beautiful beaches. It's the Army's way of enticing new recruits and about 1,000 spring breakers down below at the Holiday SunSpree were definitely captivated.

These guys go through intensive training to be apart of the elite Golden Knights. They tour around the country performing precision parachute demonstrations to mesmerized crowds below.

"It's just so exciting, when you have the crowd all pumped up. It feels really honorable to be a part of. You have to try it. It's more exhilarating than any thing you can explain. It's a total freedom feeling I guess," says Golden Knight Sgt. Paul McAlpin.

The Golden Knights have performed more than 12,000 shows in 50 states and 47 countries, and when they are not showing off they're competing with other teams worldwide.

They'll be jumping again Monday out behind Club La Vela around 1:30, then on Tuesday they'll jump live for MTV in back of Spinnaker, and then again in back of Holiday Inn Sunspree on Wednesday.