Baghdad Living

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Just four months ago, members of the 728th Air Control Squadron came home after spending seven months protecting the Baghdad International Airport in Iraq.

Tuesday, the squad hosted a family day to give the families an idea of what was like overseas.

Lieutenant Colonel Scott Shivley is the commander of the unit. He says, "Today's family day, get the families back in the squadron. Take a look around at the equipment and just get comfortable with us being back here."

Master Sergeant Melvin Woods is glad to just hold his daughter while sharing stories of Baghdad, "I think it's a good experience for them, being in the military. The jobs we all do, the only other side of it and that's the family and it's important for the family to get out here and see the jobs we do."

The airmen say their family is important to them all, so bringing the kids out to play means a lot. Lieutenant Colonel Janet Riley brought her five-year old son to the Air Force Base, "We came out for family day, so we could show ‘em the things around the squadron.”

What mama does and what the rest of the people in the unit do." the weapons showcase was definitely a favorite among most of the kids and adults.

Tuesday’s taste of life in Baghdad was just that, a taste, just being with their family was something everyone appreciates now even more since they came home.