Passion Preview

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In two hours, The Passion of Christ attempts to depict the last 12 hours of the life of Jesus.

Sandi Stewart, a pastor for Zion Ministries, was still crying outside the theater.

"I don't believe we as a church have been able to really speak from our own words, but this shows things that people have not been able to put into words."

Although the words spoken throughout the movie are in Aramaic and Latin, the story is amazingly intense with the pictures, sounds and music.

"I think the most important thing I could say is better than any movie I've ever seen," says Phil Edwards, pastor of the First Assembly of God, "it clearly depicts the price that was paid for us."

The story of his death is not pretty, but still manages touching moments of compassion despite the graphic violence.

"Overwhelming sense of God's love, an overwhelming sense, like a homerun, "says Clark Cornelius, the pastor of the St. Paul Anglican Church in Panama City.

"To see what Jesus did for them," says Elaine Sansom a pastor for Zion Ministries, "that he loved them so much that he would go to the cross for them."

Kelly Dickson, the manager for WJTF Joy 89.9, says this movie is just the beginning of a new era in entertainment,

"I think this will be a tremendous financial success for Mel Gibson and Icon Productions and in doing so, it hopefully will open up the eyes of some producers and directors."

Clark Cornelius agrees with Dickson.

"It also shows if the bible is done well, it always was a great storyline because it's true and because it's powerful."

Dickson encourages everyone to see the film and base your own opinion, only after you've seen it.

"Let it speak for itself, there's always critics, not let the critics overpower that which is very powerful."

All of the pastors I spoke with agree this is not a film for children to see, and while it was very violent, no one left visibly angry or upset. Instead we were all left with a calmness and maybe a little understanding.

The cinema has sold out its pre-sale tickets, but still has first-come, first-serve tickets available each day for movie-goers. Carmike Cinemas opens the box office every day at 12:30 for anyone wanting to buy tickets to the movie.

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