Andrews Place Offers Affordable Housing at its Finest

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A new affordable housing complex in St. Andrews is breaking all stereotypes. Andrews Place apartment homes on the corner of Frandford Avenue and 19th Street is affordable living at its finest.

The units range from $505 to $693, depending on the size of the apartment. The apartments boast walk in closets in every room, huge patios and a sparkling pool for everyone to enjoy.

"When you come here you really do not know that it's an affordable housing type of rent. It's based on an income, but the construction part of this has just gotten improved comparably to affordable housing years ago," says Angela Hatcher from Rea Development.

"We don't want to live in nice. I'm a nice person. I'm a Christian. We need to be around nice people and Christian people," says resident Katie Jones.

Here are some of the income requirements to live at Andrews Place: one person living alone can't make more than $20,640. Two people living together can't make more than $23,640, and three people living together can't make more than $26,580.