Big Business and NRA Battling it Out Again

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Another gun battle is brewing at the Capitol. For the second year in a row, the NRA is pushing a bill that would allow employees to keep a gun locked in their car while they work. But businesses are firing back, saying the bill threatens private property rights and could put other employees and customers at risk.

The National Rifle Association says businesses should not be able to tell you what you can and can’t keep in your locked car, including your legally-owned gun.

Former NRA President Marion Hammer says it’s ridiculous a grocery store owner could kick you off his property because you stopped in for a gallon of milk on your way home from the shooting range.

“Should they be told you can’t park in our parking lot because you’ve got your target pistol in the car, stay out on the road? This is just silly.”

But the Florida Chamber of Commerce says it’s not about guns; it’s about the government, big government, telling a private business owner what they can and can’t do on their private property. The Chamber’s up in arms over legislation that would let employees store any legally owned product in their cars.

State Chamber President Mark Wilson says the bill would force businesses to allow cars full of pornography, hate literature, or even poisonous snakes to park in their lots. Gun rights advocates say that’s just plain silly.

But Wilson’s sticking to his guns.

“What is silly is this debate. This is a private property issue and if they would read their own bill they would realize how absurd it is.”

Gun rights advocates say there’s nothing absurd about fighting for freedom, and this year they’re gunning for the bill’s passage.