Calhoun Murder/Suicide

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Around nine o clock Saturday night the Calhoun County Sheriff's Office received a call from the Bay County Sheriff's Office, saying there was a murder.

Calhoun County Sheriff David Tatum says all the evidence points to a murder suicide.

"Mr. White, who's 65 years old, used a single shotgun to shoot his wife, then shot himself. There's no evidence or indications that this was anything other than a murder suicide. We've worked others similar to this there are indicators of self-inflicted close range gunshots."

Now comes the task of figuring out why. Sheriff Tatum says the couple did not have a history of domestic violence.

"I believe they were part of a gospel singing group. Family says they were very religious, well-grounded couple."

"The Whites’ son, Hilton White, Jr., says his father suffered from advanced stages of Alzheimer’s. The Whites’ neighbors say the couple's relationship seemed normal.

"They looked fine. They looked like an old couple walking, just good. It was nothing; I never heard them arguing or anything like that."

"I've seen them walking up and down the road sometimes she would go alone. I used to talk to them several times. They did seem like a real nice couple."

“There's no way to forecast or see that this would happen, and to offer advice is to how to prevent it. I dunno if we'll ever know what triggered it."

Bay County's medical examiner finished the autopsies Monday. They aren't expecting to get the results for weeks, but Sheriff Tatum says there's no sign of foul play.