Cell Phones at School

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There are countless examples of students calling law enforcement about school emergencies on their cell phones, even though school officials have banned students from having them on campus.

Now, state lawmakers are considering legislation that would allow students to have phones, but area administrators say that may create more of a headache then its worth.

The all to familiar sound soon could be heard in the hallways at your child's school. A bill moving through the state House will allow students to bring cell phones and pagers onto school grounds. If it becomes law the move would overrule any local school board policy about cell phones and pagers, and that has some area administrators worried.

"I have to play cell phone cop when a teacher calls the office and says a cell phone was stolen in class and then I have to go down there and make everyone empty their book bags and purses and pockets. It's just does not create a productive learning environment."

Most of the students we talked to say they already bring their cell phones on campus in their backpacks and purses, but they turn them off, but Haley says the phones are supposed to stay in students’ cars and not come into the classroom.

"We don't care if they use them in their cars and we understand that parents want to keep in touch with their kids, but I think the policy the school board has in place now allows for that."

Haley says if the bill does become he hopes the school board would make policy as to where on campus students can have their cell phones.

Lawmakers are looking into the cell phone bill because many parents insist their children have one to keep in touch before and after school.