Pioneer Day Festival

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It's hard to imagine life before mass production, except of course if you have the visuals to help you.

Students at this year's annual Folklife Days exhibit say they're not used to the way things were back in the 1800s, but they say they're definitely learning about it.

The adult volunteers say the lesson is an important one, not just in terms of history, but also it terms creating a continuum between generations.

"It gives them respect for older people and what they went through to make things better for their children," says volunteer Nelray Southwell

"Young people, I try to stress to them that I have a brain, just like they have a brain and they can learn to do it. They might not do it as good or as fast at first, but they'll get it if they keep after it," says woodcarver Ervin Nelson.

But the beauty of the Folklife lessons is that students don't have to know they're learning; a little hands-on fun goes a long way.

Blountstown's Folklife Days will be going on at Sam Atkins Park until Saturday.